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Nicci Mills Appointed Director of Digital at Principles Agency

Principles Agency hires Nicci Mills, former Head of Content Strategy at Rise at Seven, as its new Director of Digital. Her expertise is expected to help the agency seamlessly build unforgettable brands across all channels.

Nicci Mills Appointed as Director of Digital at Principles Agency

Nicci Mills, an experienced digital strategist, has joined Principles Agency as its new Director of Digital. She comes from a strong background in content strategy, having served as the Head of Content Strategy at Rise at Seven. Prior to that, Mills had roles at Aira and Fusewave in Huddersfield.

Mike Hackett, Managing Director at Principles, couldn't be more pleased with the new appointment. "Nicci’s deep and broad digital experience will be so important in helping to achieve [our goals] seamlessly across all channels," he said.

Nicci Mills shared her enthusiasm for the new position, stating, "I’m really excited to join Principles, the opportunity to shape and grow the social and content offering alongside specialists across the full integrated mix is something I couldn’t turn down."

At Rise at Seven, Mills managed high-profile accounts like Bacardi, Magnet Kitchens, and Pretty Little Thing. Her experience in strategic content management will be crucial for Principles Agency, which has recently pivoted its business proposition to build "unforgettable brands."

Mills' appointment is a significant milestone for Principles, which has recently won some substantial new clients. Her expertise in digital strategy and content development will be leveraged to enhance the agency's overall service offerings and customer engagement.

Nicci Mills' joining Principles Agency signals an exciting time for the firm, as it aims to build stronger, more memorable brands across the digital landscape. With her at the helm of the digital department, the Leeds-based agency is well-positioned for the next phase of its growth.