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Northwood Undergoes Rebranding Collaboration with Harrison Carloss

Belvoir Group's Northwood, guided by Harrison Carloss, unveils a refreshed brand, preserving heritage while adapting to a modern industry landscape.

Northwood Unveils Refreshed Branding in Collaboration with Harrison Carloss

Harrison Carloss, in collaboration with Belvoir Group's Northwood, has unveiled a revamped look for the nationwide lettings and estate agency. This modern rebrand aims to contemporize the brand while retaining its almost 30-year-old heritage in the ever-evolving real estate sector.

Adam Mobley, Managing Director at Harrison Carloss, expressed excitement about the creative challenge, highlighting the need to modernize without losing the brand's established recognition and respect. The agency sought to ensure Northwood's competitiveness in an industry witnessing rapid modernization while preserving its distinguished heritage.

Northwood, founded in 1995, operates through over 90 locally owned offices across the UK. The rebranding initiative aimed to maintain the essence of its heritage while aligning with contemporary industry standards.

Kiara Simmance, Marketing Director at Belvoir Group, praised Harrison Carloss for understanding their business, franchisees, and customers. The rebranding effort was described as an evolution rather than a revolution, reflecting a brand that aligns with the business needs. Simmance highlighted the seamless communication and project management throughout the process, expressing satisfaction with the outcome.

The refreshed branding for Northwood, now live and undergoing real-world testing, is an embodiment of a balance between heritage and contemporary appeal. The collaborative success sets the stage for future marketing campaigns, fostering anticipation for Northwood's continued evolution in the real estate landscape.