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Now Google’s Bard AI chatbot can talk and respond to visual prompts

The Google Bard AI chatbot is now even more intuitive, featuring spoken answers and visual prompts! Plus, it's rolling out in the EU and beyond.

Google's Bard AI.

Say hello to a whole new era of chatbot interactions! Google's Bard AI chatbot has now learned to speak, letting you hear its responses and making it a breeze to correct that tricky word pronunciation or to enjoy a poem read aloud. This chatty feature supports more than 40 languages, adding to the chatbot's already impressive capabilities.

But that's not all - Bard has also become visually responsive. A feature that Google first teased at its I/O conference, this lets Bard react to image prompts. Now, if you're stuck for a witty caption for your adorable dog pictures, Bard's got your back. This feature currently supports English, with support for other languages coming soon.

And there's more! Bard is now equipped with a host of new features to make your interactions more streamlined and personalized. You can pin and rename conversations, share Bard's sage words with friends, and even alter the tone and style of Bard's responses to suit your tastes.

If you haven't encountered Bard before, there's no better time. Initially launched in the US and UK, Bard has since rolled out in many more countries, including all countries in the European Economic Area and Brazil, overcoming initial privacy concerns to provide this incredible tool to a global audience. It's time to chat with the future - it's time to chat with Bard!