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Nvidia allies with Hugging Face, aiming to reshape the AI cloud-scape

Nvidia joins forces with Hugging Face, setting the stage for a cloud AI renaissance. Dive into the next-gen AI cloud compute era!

Nvidia & Hugging Face: The New Era of Cloud AI Training

Amid the buzz of this year's SIGGRAPH conference, Nvidia has revealed its hand - a dynamic partnership with AI maestro, Hugging Face. Their mission? The rollout of the "Training Cluster as a Service", aiming to streamline the birth of top-tier AI models for businesses worldwide.

The Heart of Innovation:

Harnessing the might of Nvidia's DGX Cloud – the celebrated "AI Supercomputer", this service is poised to be a game-changer. It boasts eight Nvidia H100/A100 GPUs, a staggering 640GB of GPU memory, and Nvidia’s cutting-edge AI Enterprise software suite. Plus, it's all garnished with insights from Nvidia's crème de la crème.

Invest Wisely:

With an entry price of $36,999 monthly, businesses can harness the DGX Cloud. But the real deal sweetener? The integration with Hugging Face's gargantuan platform, teeming with 250,000+ models and 50,000+ datasets. It's the dream launchpad for any AI endeavor!

Echoing the Enthusiasm:

Hugging Face CEO, Clément Delangue, shares, "The AI horizon is boundless. Together with Nvidia, we're paving paths to empower businesses and nurture the open-source community."

On the Rise:

This partnership comes amidst whispers of Hugging Face's impressive bid for a $4 billion valuation. Its journey, from a humble consumer app in 2014 to today's AI behemoth, stands testament to its prowess.

Why Nvidia?

Their recent forays into AI cloud services, capped by the launch of "AI Foundations", highlights their vision for the AI landscape.

Predicting the AI Wave:

Research giant Tractica forecasts a whopping 50% of public cloud revenue by 2025 might be AI-centric. This Nvidia-Hugging Face alliance couldn't be timelier, especially as the AI demand skyrockets, pushing tech giants to their limits.

Get set, world! With Nvidia and Hugging Face at the helm, the AI cloud revolution is in full swing!