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Off/Script Unveils App for Crafting and Purchasing AI-Crafted Fashion

Discover Off/Script's innovative app, merging AI and user designs to create tangible products, reshaping the landscape of merchandise creation.

Off/Script Unveils Mobile App Enabling AI-Designed Merchandise Creation

Off/Script introduces a transformative mobile app, marking a paradigm shift in merchandise creation by leveraging AI-generated designs. Co-founders Jonathan Brun and Justine Massicotte unveil an innovative platform allowing users to conceptualize, share, and potentially monetize product mock-ups, irrespective of design expertise.

The Montreal-based startup enables creators to craft a diverse range of products, spanning clothing, accessories, electronics, and decor, using the generative AI design studio embedded within its app. The platform facilitates the voting for favorite designs, with the company taking charge of funding, manufacturing, and shipping the most popular concepts.

Utilizing cutting-edge AI models like Stable Diffusion and ControlNet, Off/Script's studio offers users a versatile tool for generating product mock-ups, whether through custom prompts or premade templates. The app boasts a library of customizable items sourced from a network of manufacturers, streamlining the creation process for creators.

In its endeavor to foster collaboration between creators and manufacturers, Off/Script partners with over 1,000 manufacturers, facilitating the production of envisioned designs. Creators receive 20% of sales and a $500 upfront fee, empowering them to sell items on alternate platforms like Shopify.

Despite the controversy surrounding AI art, Off/Script aims to highlight the creativity and originality of AI artists while ensuring transparency within its platform. The company emphasizes the importance of a reporting function to address potential copyright issues and includes tags identifying AI-generated submissions.

With an array of products already available during the beta phase, Off/Script aims to establish itself as an innovative platform bridging AI technology, user-generated designs, and real-world merchandise. Backed by notable investors and a vision to empower creators, the platform's impact in reshaping the merchandise creation landscape is evident.