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Ogilvy Appoints New Head of Marketing Science for UK and EMEA Region

Ogilvy UK welcomes Rob Chandler as the new head of marketing science for its UK and EMEA operations, aiming to merge data and technology seamlessly into their creative endeavors for amplified audience engagement and brand connectivity.

Rob Chandler Joins Ogilvy UK, Spearheading Marketing Science Integration for Creative Excellence

Ogilvy UK strides forward in the realm of creativity with the appointment of Rob Chandler, taking the helm as the head of marketing science for the agency's UK and EMEA operations. His mission? To interweave data and technology harmoniously into Ogilvy's creative fabric, igniting profound audience connections and brand resonance.

In this new capacity, Chandler assumes the responsibility of embedding marketing science and data deep within Ogilvy's innovative solutions. This strategic move aims to elevate audience engagement by infusing emotional bonds between consumers and brands.

Chandler perceives the fusion of creativity, technology, and data as a potent amalgamation, remarking, “The convergence of art and science yields unparalleled insights, loyalty, and engagement. Data is omnipresent, and its synergy with creativity is the key to impactful solutions, regardless of the client’s challenge."

Drawing from an extensive 25-year journey in the industry, Chandler stands as a luminary in data-driven marketing and advertising. His impactful contributions to esteemed brands like Sky, Virgin Atlantic, and Boots solidify his expertise in leveraging data for transformative brand strategies.

Reporting to Clare Lawson, CEO of experience EMEA, Chandler's appointment signals Ogilvy's resolute commitment to fortify its creative arsenal with data-driven insights. Lawson lauds Chandler's vision, emphasizing the value of marketing science in steering Ogilvy’s endeavors towards truth-driven insights and impactful outcomes.

“We are thrilled to have Rob spearheading Marketing Science for UK and EMEA. His vision to infuse our operations with data-driven thinking resonates deeply, elevating the positive impact of marketing science across our entire spectrum,” Lawson remarks, underlining the agency’s collective excitement for this new phase of innovation and creativity at Ogilvy.