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Omnicom Media Group UK names Laura Fenton as new CEO

Laura Fenton is appointed as the new CEO of Omnicom Media Group UK, bringing her vast experience and insight from her previous role as the CEO of OMD UK. Fenton is poised to drive strategy, operations, and transformative capabilities across OMG UK’s diverse agency portfolio.

Laura Fenton, the newly appointed CEO of Omnicom Media Group UK.

Omnicom Media Group, a global leader in advertising, welcomes Laura Fenton as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of its UK division. Fenton, leveraging her extensive experience and insights from her tenure as CEO of OMD UK, is set to lead the strategy and operations at Omnicom Media Group (OMG) UK, enhancing its transformative capabilities.

Fenton, with her nine-year enriched journey at OMD UK, has displayed visionary leadership, contributing significantly to the company's growth and success. Her new role will encompass overseeing the development and adoption of innovative capabilities to fortify OMG UK’s agency portfolio, including OMD, PHD, Hearts & Science, and Annalect.

Reflecting on her experience at OMD, Fenton noted, “My experience at OMD – first as Managing Director and then as CEO – has provided invaluable insight into what agencies need from the group, as well as the group’s primary mission in service to the agencies.”

Fenton emphasizes the cruciality of delivering OMG’s Agency as a Platform offer—seamlessly connecting media, content, and commerce to devise future-forward solutions. She is resolute about fulfilling this mandate diligently, aiming to instill a competitive advantage for agencies, clients, and personnel by ensuring accelerated delivery of transformative solutions.

Laura Fenton will assume her role next month, succeeding Dan Clays, who has efficiently helmed OMG UK for four years and is now transitioning as the CEO of OMG EMEA. “Laura has driven growth across all key metrics, delivering close to US$300m in net new billings, expanding the agency’s business transformation offer, and building a collaborative culture of opportunity,” praised Clays, expressing confidence in Fenton's ability to catalyze future-forward capabilities and accelerated growth for OMG UK agencies.

Laura Fenton’s ascent as the CEO of Omnicom Media Group UK is poised to bring a new dynamism to the organization. With her depth of experience, strategic insights, and commitment, she is anticipated to fortify OMG UK's portfolio, fostering innovation, growth, and opportunities, thus reinforcing its position as a transformative leader in the advertising sector.