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OpenAI Launches Custom Instructions for ChatGPT for Enhanced User Experience

OpenAI has introduced custom instructions for its ChatGPT users, allowing for more tailored chatbot interactions. The feature, however, is currently unavailable for users in the EU and the UK.

OpenAI Debuts Custom Instructions for Improved ChatGPT Usage

In a bid to enhance user experience, OpenAI has introduced custom instructions for ChatGPT. This feature aims to save users from repeatedly inputting the same instructions, such as specifying the word count of an answer or setting the tone of the response.

The custom instructions let users share any contextual information that could influence ChatGPT's responses. For instance, a teacher can input that they teach fourth-grade maths, while a developer might specify their preferred coding language. Users could also provide information about their family size for personalized suggestions for meals, grocery shopping, and vacation planning.

These instructions are particularly useful when users need to set the same context frequently. The feature is also compatible with plugins, enabling them to offer location-based recommendations for restaurants or flights.

Currently, this feature is in beta and is available to Plus plan users, excluding those in the EU and the UK. Users can opt into Custom Instructions through Settings > Beta Features on the web, or Settings > New Features on iOS.

Importantly, OpenAI will use the information provided through these instructions to train its API models to adapt better to varying instructions. Users who prefer not to have their data used in this way can opt out through their data control settings.

The custom instructions are also monitored for safety, with the moderation API checking them for potentially harmful content. If the instructions breach the company's policy, ChatGPT can either refuse to save them or ignore them altogether.

This development follows OpenAI's expansion of its ChatGPT app for iOS users to over 40 countries, the launch of an iPad app with Siri and Shortcuts support, and the introduction of a Bing search option within the ChatGPT app.