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OpenAI Opens Up 'Custom Instructions' for Free Users of ChatGPT

OpenAI rolls out its custom instructions feature to free ChatGPT users, enhancing user control over AI responses.

OpenAI Opens Up 'Custom Instructions' for Free Users of ChatGPT

OpenAI has broadened access to its unique "custom instructions" feature in ChatGPT, allowing both free-tier and premium users to gain more control over the chatbot’s responses. Originally a feature reserved for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, this move democratizes user-specific preferences, enhancing the user experience across the board.

Custom instructions, as described by TechCrunch, present a time-saving boon. Instead of repeatedly setting the same user preferences every time they chat with the AI, this feature lets users predefine their desired parameters. These could range from defining the tone and length of AI responses to specifying unique user contexts, like a teacher mentioning they teach 3rd grade.

Developers too stand to benefit, as they can tailor the chatbot's linguistic capacities, preferring certain languages while discarding others.

OpenAI, in its interactions with users spanning 22 countries, has highlighted the significance of this steerability, emphasizing its role in catering to the diverse and specific needs of individual users. The feature’s intent is clear: to make ChatGPT adaptable, responsive, and context-aware.

Originally a premium feature costing $20/month, OpenAI's move to open it up for free users exemplifies its commitment to delivering value. Moreover, it's now operable even if the chat history is turned off. For users eager to harness this feature, they can simply navigate to their profile and choose "Custom instructions".

Looking ahead, OpenAI has its eyes set on expanding this feature across the European Union and the U.K. With this, ChatGPT promises an even more tailored and enriched chat experience for its vast user base.