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OpenAI's ChatGPT Coming to Android: Pre-order Now for Next Week's Launch

ChatGPT, after a successful iOS launch, is now available for pre-order for Android users. Expect significant downloads as the dedicated app offers a superior user experience.

ChatGPT on Android

Following a successful launch on iOS two months ago, OpenAI's chatbot, ChatGPT, is now ready for Android users to pre-order. If its popularity on iOS is any indicator, we can expect considerable download numbers over the coming weeks.

While mobile users can access ChatGPT or other OpenAI tools through the web interface, the appeal of a dedicated app's superior user experience is undeniable. This fact was underscored when iPhone users downloaded the app half a million times in its first week, a feat that raised eyebrows until Threads arrived and shattered these records.

The Android version of the ChatGPT app seems to mirror the iOS app in terms of functionality, incorporating most, if not all, features from the web-based version. Users will also be able to synchronize their conversations and preferences across devices, meaning transitioning between using an iPhone at home and Android at work should be seamless.

Naturally, the apps won't be identical, given the differences between the two mobile operating systems. For instance, the features added in June, including Siri and Shortcuts on the iOS app, won't make the transition to Android, though Android users are likely to get comparable features.

OpenAI announced via Twitter that the Android app would start "rolling out to users next week," presumably first in the U.S. While no international plans were mentioned, it's probable that other countries will follow suit in the following weeks or months, mirroring the rollout strategy seen during the original release.

Android users keen to experience the new app can sign up for a notification when the app goes live by selecting "pre-register" on the Play Store.