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Opera’s Web Browser for iOS Introduces Aria, the AI Assistant

Opera’s iOS browser welcomes Aria, its built-in AI assistant developed with OpenAI. Enjoy smart insights, voice commands, and a unique browsing experience.

Opera's AI Assistant Aria Now Available on iOS

Opera's foray into AI integration continues with its recent introduction of Aria, the artificial intelligence assistant, into its iOS browser. Born from a collaboration with OpenAI, Aria is set to redefine the browsing experience for Opera users.

After making waves in the desktop and Android versions of Opera, reaching a commendable 1 million user base, Aria's transition to iOS means it's now accessible on all principal platforms, namely Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Opera emphasizes user choice, allowing individuals to opt into the AI experience at their discretion. Those who venture into Aria's offerings will be privy to astute insights, voice-controlled commands, and more. However, a user login to an Opera account is a prerequisite for this immersive experience.

Aria's heart beats with Opera's proprietary "Composer" infrastructure which links to OpenAI's renowned GPT technology. This nexus promises a future where Aria's repertoire expands to include enhanced AI search capabilities, generative AI offerings, and other innovative AI-powered services.

In addition to its AI prowess, Aria offers a conversational chatbot interface, facilitating user queries with precise answers. Users can also opt for voice-driven interactions through the microphone button, making information retrieval more fluid.

Opera's earlier venture into AI was with "AI Prompts," a feature enabling seamless interactions with generative AI platforms for diverse purposes, such as content summarization, tweet generation, and more.

Opera's commitment to improving its browser experience is evident with additional features, including ad blockers, free VPN, tracking prevention, a dedicated crypto wallet, and private browsing.

With AI's ever-increasing influence in tech, Aria's integration into Opera's iOS version marks yet another milestone in the seamless blend of technology and user experience.