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Pepsi's "Press Play On Summer" Campaign: Unlock Free Apple Music with Bad Bunny

Unlock three months of free Apple Music with Pepsi's "Press Play On Summer" campaign featuring global music sensation Bad Bunny. Scan QR codes on select bottles to enjoy the ultimate summer soundtrack.

Pepsi is turning up the heat this summer with an electrifying collaboration between the renowned beverage brand and global music sensation Bad Bunny. The launch of "Press Play On Summer" campaign aims to ignite the season by offering consumers three months of free Apple Music when they scan QR codes found on select PepsiCo soft drink bottles.

With 75% of consumers listening to music throughout the day during the summer, Pepsi is capitalizing on its strong association with music culture. The campaign not only highlights the brand's commitment to music but also reflects its evolved marketing strategy, which now focuses on partnerships with platforms like Apple Music after stepping down from sponsoring the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Pepsi's chief marketing officer, Todd Kaplan, emphasized the campaign's alignment with the brand's long-standing music-focused approach. He stated, "It's really what Pepsi has been all about, this idea of unapologetic enjoyment and this idea that people can enjoy their summers more with a Pepsi in hand and listening to some great Apple Music."

The "Press Play On Summer" campaign encompasses a comprehensive mix of TV, digital, out-of-home, and retail activations in both English and Spanish. To extend the reach beyond its flagship soda, PepsiCo has incorporated QR codes on over 400 million bottles, spanning its carbonated soft drink portfolio, including Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and the newly launched Starry brand.

Partnering with Apple Music, a rapidly growing platform with over 88 million users in 2022, connects back to Pepsi's previous campaign centered around Apple's iTunes library. While past efforts faced challenges, leveraging QR codes allows for a smoother experience with "Press Play on Summer."

Embracing the touchless trend popularized during the pandemic, Pepsi utilizes QR code-enabled packaging, aligning with its revamped visual identity and commitment to phygital channels.

Continuing its tradition of collaborating with iconic pop music figures, Pepsi adds Bad Bunny to its roster of superstar partners, which includes Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Beyoncé. As the most-streamed artist globally, with the top album and highest-grossing tour of 2022, Bad Bunny brings immense star power to the campaign.

While Bad Bunny is briefly featured in a six-second teaser, Kaplan assures that more exciting moments and plans await consumers throughout the summer. The artist's previous association with Pepsi during the Super Bowl Halftime Show and his authentic connection to various touchpoints in pop culture make him a perfect fit for the brand.

Kaplan states, "Bad Bunny transcends culture. He is so hot with all the different touchpoints... He's always very authentic to himself as well. He wouldn't partner with us unless it was a really deep authentic connection and something that he cared about, and we were going to be doing something special together.