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Picsart Unveils AI-Powered Suite Enabling Users to Create Videos, Backgrounds, GIFs, and More

Dive into the future of creativity with Picsart Ignite! Backed by SoftBank, this photo-editing startup unveils 20 AI-powered tools, including AI Style Transfer and AI Avatar, revolutionizing content creation for businesses and individuals.

Picsart Ignite Unleashes Creative Brilliance with 20 AI-Powered Tools!

Step into the realm of boundless creativity as Picsart, backed by SoftBank, introduces Picsart Ignite—a revolutionary suite of 20 AI-powered tools designed to redefine content creation for businesses and individuals alike.

Picsart Ignite is a powerhouse of creativity, offering tools to effortlessly craft ads, social posts, logos, and more. From generating videos, images, and GIFs to creating logos, backgrounds, QR codes, and stickers, the suite caters to diverse creative needs.

  • AI Expand: Add intricate details to any image with AI prompts.
  • AI Object Remove in Video: Achieve distraction-free videos by removing unwanted objects.
  • AI Style Transfer: Apply artistic styles across visuals for a unique touch.
  • AI Avatar: Generate realistic avatars, from business portraits to playful superhero transformations for couples and pets.

Hovhannes Avoyan, Founder and CEO of Picsart, expresses, "At Picsart, we believe everyone is a creator." Ignite sparks creativity, enabling users to turn ideas into stunning visual content, whether for business ads, memes, or anything in between.Picsart Ignite is now accessible to all users across Picsart's web, iOS, and Android platforms.

As platforms worldwide integrate AI tools, Picsart continues to lead the way with Ignite, making content creation a seamless and magical experience. Explore the possibilities and let your creativity soar with Picsart Ignite!