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Pivot CMO and Modern Formula Merger Transform Performance Marketing

Pivot CMO and Modern Formula (MoFo) have joined forces to create a new era in performance marketing. The merger combines Pivot CMO's elite-performance marketing solutions with MoFo's new-media expertise, delivering a full-funnel approach that balances brand marketing with a power performance approach. The newly formed MoFo aims to revolutionize media planning and buying, with a focus on creative, data analysis, and performance. Let's explore how the bold and sold philosophy of MoFo is set to take the marketing industry by storm.

The sold aspect of MoFo focuses on proper media buying through a hyper-segmented strategy, guiding a client's ad spend to where it will have the most impact. On the other hand, the bold aspect sets MoFo apart, taking a brand's position in the industry to the next level. From influencer marketing to collaborative sponsorships to linear TV and CTV, MoFo establishes a brand's position as the leading authority in the space.

MoFo's approach to performance marketing is different from traditional siloed solutions. The company provides full-funnel strategies that balance the best of brand marketing while keeping true to the principles of a power performance approach. Led by a team of seasoned media and performance-marketing professionals, MoFo brings together expertise from across the marketing landscape to take media planning and buying to new heights.

MoFo's mission is to make its clients succeed at all costs, which is why the company focuses heavily on creative, data analysis, and performance. The team looks at each facet of a company, beyond simply ad buying, to drive growth for clients. With a strong emphasis on client success, MoFo is dedicated to helping clients win.

MoFo has recently become the agency of record for Sisu Clinic, an aesthetic medicine destination offering advanced beauty treatments, and won a project with weight-loss app Yazio. These projects involve performance media, creative production, creator content, and email, showcasing the full range of services that MoFo provides.

The merger of Pivot CMO and Modern Formula marks a new era in performance marketing, where creativity and performance are fused to deliver full-funnel solutions. MoFo's bold and sold philosophy sets it apart from traditional siloed solutions, focusing on proper media buying and establishing a brand's position as the leading authority in the space. The company's unique approach to performance marketing, with a focus on client success, is set to revolutionize the industry.