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Primark's Historic Creative Agency Rebrands and Relaunches as EDNA

Read about the transformation! Us Studio, now EDNA, showcases growth, redefining its identity and expanding its creative services.

Us Studio Renames to EDNA in a Sign of Growth and Evolution

Us Studio, known for its long-standing collaboration with Primark, has undergone a significant transformation, rebranding itself as EDNA. This change signifies the agency's evolution, especially since the acquisition by a five-member partner team in 2020. In the past three years, the agency has burgeoned to a staff of 14, boasting a turnover of £1.5 million.

EDNA specializes in creative strategy, encompassing design, art direction, and production. Noteworthy recent projects include Primark's visual design and image creation, a Masonite Christmas TV ad campaign, and the development of a new brand identity for Jungle Fit Out Collective.

Steven Jones, Primark's head of creative, commended EDNA, highlighting their unique fashion experience, superior visual design, and innovative solutions that have significantly contributed to Primark's brand development.

Helen Collier, EDNA's head of client services and production, expressed enthusiasm for the agency's growth, new clients, expanded team, and a new headquarters. Since the acquisition of Us Studio in 2020, the agency has grown substantially and delivered commendable work, marking a significant milestone with its new name, strategic direction, and visual identity.

Joe Simons, EDNA's head of brand, emphasized the agency's commitment to challenging the norm, catering to brands seeking unique visual identities, multi-channel ad campaigns, and innovative retail environment redesigns.

EDNA is collectively owned by Helen Collier (head of client services and production), Matt Davis (head of creative), Courtney Dodds (head of people and culture), Graham Hearfield (head of design), and Joe Simons (head of brand). This transformation aligns with the agency's ongoing evolution, promising a continued commitment to creativity and innovative solutions.