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Pringles Brings Iconic US Superbowl Ads to Europe

Pringles has launched a pan-European campaign to popularize the humorous themes from its Super Bowl ads in new markets.

Pringles re-purposes iconic US Superbowl ads for European market

In a unique attempt to resonate with its European audience, Pringles, the well-known snack brand, has launched a pan-European campaign that adopts the themes highlighted in its Super Bowl advertisements. This initiative marks the brand's first endeavor to bring these themes to new markets.

The campaign is a result of a collaboration with the creative agency, Grey London, and is centered around a series of films featuring the humorous 'can hands' concept. The films depict various amusing scenarios where Pringles enthusiasts get their hands stuck down the iconic cans in an array of awkward situations. The campaign will run across Northern and Southern Europe under the direction of Ulf Johansson of Smith & Jones, who lends his distinctive quirky style to the campaign.

David Wigglesworth, executive creative director at Grey London, explained that the idea is to portray these scenarios in inherently European settings. He further emphasized that the campaign aims to show how the awkwardness of getting a hand stuck in a Pringles can could be transformed into a fun social advantage in different European social settings.

The campaign will roll out through TV, digital, social, and out-of-home platforms, aiming to convey the idea of Pringles as a catalyst for fun during any social event. Stéphanie Thys, Pringles European marketing director, expressed the hope that the campaign would resonate with Pringles fans across Europe, showcasing the playful nature of the brand.