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Proton Drive, Encrypted Cloud Storage, Now Accessible on Mac Platforms

Discover Proton Drive's encrypted cloud storage for Mac, offering default encryption and seamless cross-platform synchronization. Explore the privacy-forward alternative!

Proton Expands Secure Cloud Storage: Proton Drive Now Available for Mac Users!

Proton, renowned for its privacy-centric solutions, expands its encrypted cloud horizons with Proton Drive now available for Mac users. Originally known for Proton Mail, the Swiss-based company has broadened its suite to encompass VPNs, password management, calendar tools, and now, secure cloud storage.

The journey of Proton Drive started with its web debut last September, followed by native mobile apps in December and the recent Windows launch in July. With the Mac release, Proton Drive solidifies its status as a cross-platform solution, offering seamless synchronization across devices.

In the realm of secure storage, Proton Drive pledges default full encryption for files and folders, a stark contrast to iCloud's manual activation for certain data types introduced by Apple. Proton Drive ensures complete encryption across all data facets, including metadata and file names, by default.

The service initiates with 1GB of free storage, complemented by subscription plans starting at $4/month, providing 200GB storage and features like auto-storing file versions for up to a decade.

Currently, Proton Drive for Mac synchronizes only files stored within the Proton Drive folder. However, the company aims to extend synchronization to any local folder in the future.

While Proton has a history of open-sourcing its apps for inspection, the Mac app for Proton Drive remains closed for now, yet the company assures plans for open-sourcing in due course.

Linux users await their turn, as Proton Drive's availability on this platform remains part of the long-term roadmap. The company continues its commitment to expanding its privacy-focused services across diverse platforms.