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Proton Drive Introduces Encrypted Photo Backup Feature for Android

Discover the latest upgrade to Proton Drive's Android app, introducing automated photo backup for convenient, secure, end-to-end encrypted cloud storage.

Proton Drive Enhances Cloud Storage with Automated Photo Backup Feature

Proton Drive, known for its robust end-to-end encryption, is taking a leap closer to mainstream cloud storage solutions like Google Drive with its latest enhancement. The Android version of the app now includes an automated photo backup and management feature, enhancing its usability and positioning it as a viable alternative to prominent cloud storage options while maintaining strict end-to-end encryption.

Previously, Proton Drive allowed users to store various files, including photos, without automatically syncing new images. However, the recent update introduces seamless photo backup functionality, eliminating the need for manual uploads of recent pictures. Moreover, the app introduces a dedicated "Photos" tab, enabling users to conveniently scroll through their images organized by the respective month they were taken.

The photo backup feature debuts on Proton Drive's Android app today, with plans for iOS integration scheduled for a later release. The cloud storage service offers a free tier of up to 1GB, along with subscription plans, including a 200GB option priced at $4.99 per month and a 500GB plan available for $12.99 per month.

Launched on Windows last year, Proton Drive has steadily expanded its support across macOS, Android, and iOS, enabling seamless file accessibility across multiple devices. This enhancement underscores Proton Drive's commitment to providing a secure yet user-friendly cloud storage experience, aligning itself as a compelling choice for those seeking enhanced privacy in their digital storage solutions.