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Purchase of Apple's Vision Pro Headset May Involve Appointment and Facial Scan

Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro headset to be sold on an appointment-only basis, offering personalized fitting and a unique face scan feature for a perfect light seal.

Appointment-Only Purchase and Face Scan for Apple Vision Pro

Apple's Vision Pro headset, priced at $3,499, might be made available by appointment only, with designated sections in Apple stores for customers to try on the device. The appointment-based system is similar to the rollout of the first Apple Watch in 2015.

During these appointments, Apple will ensure that the Vision Pro fits the wearer correctly, and may outfit the device with prescription lens inserts if necessary. This would necessitate Apple stores to maintain a large stock of lenses.

Additionally, Apple is reportedly developing an iPhone app and a physical machine to scan a person's head, ensuring an optimal light seal, a component crucial for preventing light interference in a wearer's field of view. When online orders open in the US in early 2024, customers will be asked to upload their lens prescription and head scan data.

The Vision Pro headset will launch in the US in early 2024, with a rollout in other countries expected in late 2024. The company plans to introduce the device to the UK and Canada, followed by other countries in Asia and Europe.

The tech giant is also exploring additional accessories for the Vision Pro, such as a secondary strap for enhanced comfort during extended usage, and a shoulder pouch for the external battery pack of the headset, accommodating those without pockets due to their cultural attire.