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Qept: The Next-Gen iOS Note-Taking App That Lets You Text Yourself!

Slide into your own DMs with Qept, a note-taking app designed with self-texting in mind. Developer Willem de Beijer marries ease-of-use and organization like never before.

Qept: Text Yourself with This New iOS Note-Taking App

Ever found yourself texting notes to, well, yourself? You're not alone. Many of us use apps like WhatsApp and Signal as makeshift notepads. Developer Willem de Beijer saw this and thought, "Why not make an app that's actually designed for this?" Enter Qept!

Unlike your standard chat apps, Qept offers a superior level of organization and editing options. Need a quick grocery list? Tap a few buttons and you're sorted. With a checkmark icon for easy list-making and optional "Topics" for your notes, it's like your personalized digital sticky note bonanza!

And get this—Qept isn't done spoiling you. Future updates will pack more oomph like sleek visuals, a filter for archived notes, and yes, even a Mac version! De Beijer has plans for note search, bulk edits, and rich link support. Could this app get any better?

You can download Qept for free and enjoy the basic features. But if you're an organizational guru, you can unlock unlimited topics for a modest $7.99 per month. More Pro features are on their way, including image and file support.

Remember Stashpad? It's a similar app that raised $1.8 million last year but targets developers and limits free users to 50 notes. Qept, on the other hand, offers a fantastic free option for the checklist junkies among us.

If you've been seeking a note-taking app that perfectly blends the convenience of texting with the organization of a planner, your search ends with Qept. It's time to elevate your productivity game, one note (to yourself) at a time!

So, what's the hold-up? Download Qept today and transform how you keep track of your thoughts, tasks, and to-dos!