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Quench Agency Secures Digital Campaign Project for B&G Foods' Victoria Pasta Sauces

Tasteful storytelling meets digital sophistication as agency quench leads B&G Foods' Victoria pasta sauces on a digital journey to culinary fame.

Quench Stirs Up Digital Flavor for B&G Foods with a Savory Victoria Pasta Sauce Campaign

When it comes to blending heritage flavors with modern marketing, Quench proves it's a recipe for success. The full-service food and beverage marketing maestro has taken the helm to craft a digital campaign for B&G Foods’ Victoria pasta sauces that's as rich and robust as the sauces themselves.

A member of the Pavone Group family, with roots in Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta, and Harrisburg, quench brings to the table a hearty mix of creativity and strategic expertise. Their mission? To whisk Victoria pasta sauces into the spotlight throughout the Northeast as we simmer down into the fourth quarter, followed by a reinvigorated second serving of the campaign in 2024.

Victoria pasta sauces have been simmering in tradition since 1929. Born from the passion of an Italian family in Brooklyn, New York, Victoria has been crafting pasta sauces with the same dedication to "Ingredients Come First"™. With a slow-kettle cooking method that fuses fresh vegetables and premium ingredients, Victoria's sauces capture the essence of homemade taste, now cherished by families for over 90 years.

This gastronomic legacy is spread across supermarkets and big box stores nationwide, and available with a click online, inviting food enthusiasts to taste a piece of Italian-American history.

Quench is poised to infuse this historical brand with contemporary digital strategies, serving up a campaign that's as much about storytelling as it is about conversion. They're on a mission to not only highlight the authentic, slow-cooked flavor of Victoria's sauces but also to stir a craving that can only be satisfied by the rich, homemade taste of this legendary brand.

As quench delicately layers the digital ingredients for Victoria’s campaign, B&G Foods anticipates a feast of consumer engagement and brand growth. The digital airwaves of the Northeast are about to get a taste of Italy, with a touch of American ingenuity, as quench and Victoria pasta sauces cook up a campaign that promises to be nothing short of delicious.