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Red Havas Introduces Sway, a Global Influencer Marketing Practice

Red Havas Group unveils Sway, a global influencer marketing practice, aimed at aiding brands in establishing durable ties with influencers for better business impact.

Red Havas Unveils Sway for Global Influencer Marketing.

Red Havas Group has launched Sway, a global influencer marketing practice designed to assist brands in building long-term relationships with influencers. Sway will operate alongside Red Havas Group's PR, social, and experiential marketing teams to develop creative social-first marketing campaigns that generate business impact.

With 'centres of excellence' across various regions including Australia, Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East, Sway offers a best practice framework from identification to measurement. It provides a roadmap focusing on durable relationships, defined roles for all social media platforms, advice, and reputation management for new and emerging technologies and trends, as well as campaign evaluation.

According to Red Havas UK CEO Rachael Sansom, Sway leverages Red Havas network's technical capability coupled with local insights to deliver top-notch, influencer campaigns to clients on both local and global levels. The initiative reflects the growing significance of influencer marketing as a performance channel for brands.