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Reddit Enhances Ad Targeting with AI and Expanding Categories

Reddit rolls out new AI-driven keyword suggestions and expands interest categories for advertisers. Discover how these upgrades can better align your ads with relevant audiences.

Reddit's New Ad Targeting Tools

Reddit, the social media platform known for its community-driven content, is upgrading its ad targeting tools. The updates include new AI-recommended keywords and an expansion of interest categories for advertisers.

One of the significant additions is a feature that suggests keywords based on the ones you initially select for your advertising campaign. For instance, if you choose "football" as a keyword, Reddit’s system will recommend related topics like “soccer” and “nfl football.” These AI-driven suggestions aim to help you reach the most relevant and responsive communities on Reddit.️

According to Reddit, machine learning technologies group these keywords based on their usage within the platform. The algorithm takes the original context into account to ensure that the suggestions are brand-safe and relevant, offering you a more refined ad targeting strategy.

Reddit has also more than doubled the number of interest categories available for ad targeting. With Reddit being a hub for nearly any topic you can think of, the additional categories offer advertisers more options and creative freedom in their ad targeting.

As Reddit aims for an IPO, it is continually refining its revenue streams and targeting capabilities. Despite challenges like higher API access costs and a reliance on volunteer moderators, Reddit is committed to building stronger foundations for its advertising systems.

If you're an advertiser looking for more nuanced ways to target your audience, Reddit's new features could be an invaluable asset. The keyword suggestions and expanded interest targeting are available to all Reddit advertisers starting today, so it might be worth logging in to see how these new features can benefit your campaigns.