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Reddit Introduces Mobile Translation Feature for Multilingual Conversations

Reddit rolls out a new translation feature for mobile users, allowing posts to be translated into eight different languages. The platform is also experimenting with translating comments.


In a recent update, Reddit has introduced a feature that allows mobile users to translate posts into one of eight languages. This feature is currently available for both Android and iOS platforms, as well as for logged-out users on the web.

Users can activate this feature by clicking the 'translate' button located beneath the username of the Redditor whose post they are viewing. To use this service, users need to specify their preferred language in the settings.

Reddit isn't stopping at posts; the platform is also experimenting with enabling translations for comments. "Soon, your entire conversation experience on Reddit can be multilingual," the company stated.

In parallel to these updates, Reddit also revamped its Help Center by merging it with the Moderator Help Center. This makeover provides a consolidated resource hub, following the launch of the Mod Helper Program that rewards moderators for assisting their peers.

Reddit's translation feature opens new doors for users across linguistic barriers. It's an important step towards making the platform more inclusive and accessible, enriching the global conversation.