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Reddit Unveils Extensive Update to Interest-Based Targeting for Advertisers

From "Food" to "Crypto", the platform now offers 152 ways to get your message to the right audience. Are Reddit Ads your next marketing move?


Hold your memes and upvotes, marketers! Reddit is rolling out a major upgrade that's about to make your job a whole lot easier—and potentially more lucrative. Say hello to an expanded list of interest targeting categories in Reddit Ads, stretching the count from a mere 66 to a whopping 152!

Interest Targeting: Reddit's Darling Feature

Why is interest targeting so important? Simple—it helps you cut through the clutter and aim your messages straight at Redditors who actually care about your offering. Whether they’re frequenting /r/gaming or /r/Cooking, Reddit's algorithm does the heavy lifting to ensure your ad is seen by the right eyes.

Previously, you had to wade through the enormous ocean of subreddits, doing your own due diligence to find where your target audience might be hanging out. Now, Reddit is taking the burden off your shoulders by expanding its interest categories, providing a more structured and comprehensive way to approach your campaigns.

What’s in the Box?

The expansion spans a variety of sectors and interests, from the arts to technology and everything in between. Whether your brand is related to fitness, travel, or even obscure hobbies, the new list is designed to cover more ground, giving you a greater chance to resonate with an ideal audience.

Get Festive with Reddit Ads

With the holiday season right around the corner, this could be the perfect time to dip your toes into the Reddit Ads water. Whether you're marketing high-tech gadgets, artisanal crafts, or festive treats, the expanded interest targeting feature could be a game-changer for your holiday sales push.

Implementing the New Categories

Reddit is rolling out these changes incrementally over the coming weeks. You'll notice the updated list when setting up new ad groups or revising existing campaigns.

So there you have it—a major Reddit overhaul aimed at helping you find your tribe. With 152 interest categories at your disposal, the Reddit playground just became a lot more exciting for marketers. Are you ready to jump in?

Interested in learning how to leverage these new targeting options to the fullest? Stay tuned for tips and tricks on navigating the labyrinth that is Reddit Ads!