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Revive and Enhance Old Photos with MyHeritage's AI-Powered App, Reimagine

MyHeritage unveils Reimagine, an AI app designed to transform the way families preserve their precious memories. Discover how this groundbreaking mobile app combines cutting-edge technology to scan, restore, and animate old photos, bringing them back to life with stunning detail.

Revive and Enhance Old Photos with MyHeritage's AI-Powered App.

MyHeritage, a leading genealogy company, has revolutionized the world of photography with its latest AI-powered app, Reimagine. This innovative mobile app aims to simplify the preservation of family memories by providing users with advanced tools to import, enhance, and animate old printed photos.

The primary focus of Reimagine is to make it effortless for users to import printed photos stored in albums and apply various enhancements. With its advanced AI technology, the app improves photo resolution, repairs scratches and creases, restores color in black-and-white photos, and even animates faces—a feature that gained popularity with MyHeritage's previous launch of "Deep Nostalgia."

Building upon the success of "Deep Nostalgia," Reimagine combines this technology with other powerful photo-editing tools specifically designed for preserving old photos.

To use the app, available for both iOS and Android, simply capture photos from the pages of your old photo albums. The app automatically detects and crops the separate photos, saving them as individual images. Additionally, you can add details such as names, dates, and places to make them easily searchable.

Reimagine goes beyond traditional scanning capabilities by offering a multipage scanner developed by MyHeritage's AI team exclusively for the app. This sets MyHeritage apart from other photo-scanning competitors.

The app's standout feature is its broader AI-powered toolset. It includes the ability to restore faded colors, repair scratches, enhance resolution, animate photos with Deep Nostalgia, and even add narration.

The photo enhancement tools, including restoring faded colors, repairing scratches, and enhancing resolution, utilize technology exclusively licensed from DeOldify—a deep learning technology created by experts Jason Antic and Dana Kelley. MyHeritage's partnership with Tel Aviv startup D-ID also contributed to the creation of Deep Nostalgia, the patented video reenactment technology powered by AI and deep learning that brought old photos to life.

Reimagine expands on these features, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for editing and enhancing old photos. Since its first AI photo feature more than three years ago, MyHeritage has transformed the way users engage with their family photos. Reimagine is a dedicated app that encourages new audiences to capture and revitalize their family memories, enabling them to be experienced and shared with loved ones.

While the app has just launched, preliminary tests have shown promising results in terms of enhancing and improving photos. The app successfully repaired scratches, enhanced resolution, and restored faded colors in tested images. However, one limitation observed was the app's inability to correct glare caused by light sources in one instance.

Colorization also worked effectively in initial tests. MyHeritage has been using this colorization technology since 2020, and the Reimagine app's color restoration feature brings back the authentic colors of photos from the '50s and '60s, which may have faded over time.

Reimagine is available as a free download with additional features unlocked through weekly or monthly subscriptions. Subscriptions grant