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Revolutionize Your Note-Taking with AudioPen: The Voice-to-Text Innovation

Leap into the future of note-taking with AudioPen, a web app transforming your voice into organized text notes. Breathe life into your ideas like never before!

AudioPen, a web app converting voice to text notes.

From the cluttered space of note-taking apps emerges an intriguing new player: AudioPen. Developed by Louis Pereira, this web app breaks away from the pack, focusing on morphing your spoken words into clean, text-based notes.

Unlike native mobile apps, AudioPen's cross-platform accessibility as a web app offers an impressively lightweight solution. Its minimalistic interface invites users to record their voice by merely tapping the mic button. The moment you stop recording, the magic begins. AudioPen transcribes your audio using OpenAI’s APIs, like Whisper for transcription, delivering a tidy text note.

Born from Pereira's experimentation with OpenAI’s APIs, AudioPen started as a pet project. After receiving encouraging feedback from early users, it has been launched as a standalone tool.

The basic version of the app is free, allowing users to record up to three minutes of voice notes and store ten notes on the site. But AudioPen's power unfolds with its premium plan. For an annual fee of $60 or a lifetime pass of $120, users unlock extensive capabilities. Record up to 15-minute-long notes, store an unlimited number of notes in the cloud, upload your own audio files, download note audio, tag notes for easy retrieval, and even generate automatic summaries.

A standout feature, "Super Summary," lets users collate related notes to create a comprehensive synopsis – perfect for project research. Leveraging OpenAI’s APIs, AudioPen supports multiple languages, translation, various writing styles, and even the rewriting of old notes into different styles optimized for various outputs like emails or to-do lists.

AudioPen is a boon for non-native English speakers, like Pereira's father, offering a platform to jot down thoughts in English without fretting over grammar or structure. The paid subscription further enhances searchability, summary shareability, recording quality, summary customization, and recording pause.

Being a web app, AudioPen does have a few limitations. It requires a stable internet connection for transcription, and on iPhone, you'll need to grant mic access every time you record a note. Pereira has added a Chrome extension to make note-taking even more seamless and has just launched a writing style library for added note customization. Next on his radar? A superior note-sharing feature. Let AudioPen reshape your note-taking experience.