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Revolutionizing Aviation Services: GA Telesis Deploys Google Cloud's AI

Global aviation service leader GA Telesis collaborates with Google Cloud, deploying its generative AI technology to revolutionize sales and service processes.

Google Cloud and GA Telesis, a pioneer in integrated commercial aviation services, recently announced a partnership that will leverage Google Cloud's generative AI technology. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the sales and service processes for parts supplied by GA Telesis to prominent global passenger and cargo carriers.

In the aviation industry, trust and long-term relationships often underpin business transactions. GA Telesis' sales staff regularly handle inquiries from global customers requiring quotes for various commercial aircraft and jet engine replacement parts. These inquiries typically lack standardization, with various details such as aircraft model, applicable codes, desired condition, and delivery location needing to be swiftly deciphered.

To address these challenges, GA Telesis has chosen Google Cloud's Vertex AI platform, designed to assist businesses in tuning and deploying machine learning models. An internally developed data extraction solution will enable GA Telesis to automatically synthesize purchase orders and promptly provide customers with quotes, making manual cross-referencing a thing of the past.

"Our long-term goal of a zero-minute response time can be achieved with the accuracy of Google Cloud's generative AI solution and the practicality of the Vertex AI platform," said Abdol Moabery, CEO of GA Telesis.

Carrie Tharp, VP of Industries at Google Cloud, added that the partnership with GA Telesis exemplifies how generative AI tools can create better customer experiences. The ability to rapidly respond to customer needs will assist GA Telesis in maintaining exceptional service while expanding its capabilities to explore new business opportunities.