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Revolutionizing Travel Advertising: ITVX, Adylic, and Tourism Ireland Team Up for a Dynamic, Data-Driven Campaign!

ITVX, Adylic, OMD, and Tourism Ireland have joined forces to launch an innovative and dynamic travel campaign that is set to transform the way travel advertisers connect with their audience. This groundbreaking partnership will utilize ITV's programmatic video advertising proposition, Planet V, to create a customized messaging approach that will resonate with specific viewers based on their interests and location.

Through Planet V, advertisers will be able to target ITVX's audience and contextual data sets, allowing them to tailor messaging to individual viewers. As part of Tourism Ireland's campaign, up to 20 different assets have been created with highly targeted content, providing viewers in different regions with the most relevant travel information on how to reach Irish destinations.

This new approach marks a historic moment for Omnicom's Adylic solutions, which will be directly integrated into a TV broadcaster's content for the first time ever. This cutting-edge technology will give clients a new level of sophistication that will help drive creative effectiveness across their BVOD campaigns.

"We are thrilled to partner with ITVX, Tourism Ireland, Publicis.Poke, and our OMG agency partners at OMD," says Adylic's chief product officer, Andy Spray. "Our clients need dynamic creative solutions across every platform to help power their campaigns, and that includes broadcast. With ITV's dynamic TV, we can offer clients a new level of sophistication that will help drive creative effectiveness across their BVOD campaigns."

Tourism Ireland's Head of Consumer Marketing, Patrick Michalski, added, "Creative relevance is a cornerstone of our digital strategy, and being able to expand this into the growing environment of on-demand broadcast content is a perfect step forward for us. It allows the island of Ireland to reflect its brand and character in a more tailored way and differentiate us against our competitors."

This dynamic, data-driven campaign is set to revolutionize the way travel advertising works, with the ITVX platform delivering cutting-edge technology that tailors messaging to individual viewers. So get ready to experience travel advertising like never before, with the personalized messaging that's tailored just for you!