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Rise at Seven Welcomes Ryan Darani as New Search Strategy Director

Redefining search strategy, Rise at Seven announces Ryan Darani as the latest powerhouse addition to their leadership team, poised to steer innovation and growth.

Ryan Darani appointed as Search Strategy Director at Rise at Seven

The digital marketing landscape is about to get a seismic upgrade! Rise at Seven has just turbocharged its leadership team with the strategic hiring of industry maven, Ryan Darani, as their new Search Strategy Director. With a stellar track record at Zazzle Media and Stickyeyes, Darani is the powerhouse who's about to redefine 'search' in ways we've only imagined.

Darani isn't just a new hire; he's a revolution in a suit. Having consulted for mammoth brands like Lloyds, NFL, and Aldi, he's got the kind of resume that reads like a marketer's dream. His six-month love affair with Rise at Seven as a consultant has now blossomed into a full-time commitment to the brand that's stealing the spotlight in search and advertising realms.

With search evolving faster than ever, Darani is the visionary poised to take the helm. He'll be leading the charge in innovation, AI, content marketing, and the holy grail of search strategies. And with his eyes set on scaling the agency's US operations, the industry is buzzing with anticipation.

Karl Loudon, Rise at Seven's Chief Commercial Officer, can hardly contain his excitement. "Ryan is a strategic maestro, a veritable guru of multi-platform search strategies," he said. "His insight into consumer behavior is unparalleled, and we're beyond thrilled to have him on our journey."

Darani himself is primed and ready. "The opportunity to shape what 'search' means in an agency that's pressing fast-forward on industry innovation? It's a no-brainer," he remarked, stoked about the alignment with Rise at Seven's forward-thinking ethos.

This is more than a strategic appointment; it's a strategic coup. Darani's arrival marks a pivotal chapter in Rise at Seven's story, where the future of search strategy isn't just being written—it's being reinvented. Watch this space, because with Ryan Darani in the driver's seat, Rise at Seven is not just rising—they're soaring.