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Roblox Acquires Speechly for Real-Time Voice Moderation

Roblox has acquired Speechly, a Helsinki-based voice tech startup specializing in voice chat moderation and real-time transcription. The acquisition aims to enhance safety and enable real-time voice communication on the Roblox platform.

Roblox Acquires Speechly

In a groundbreaking move, Roblox has acquired Helsinki-based startup Speechly to boost its voice chat capabilities and safety features. The deal aims to enrich the real-time voice chat experience while enhancing moderation measures.

Roblox initially ventured into voice-based interactions by allowing game developers to integrate voice features. The recent development even included avatar-based voice calls with facial motion tracking, aiming to cater to its older user base.

According to Speechly's research, although 70% of gamers have used voice chat, a staggering 72% reported experiencing toxic behavior. With Speechly's real-time voice moderation technology, Roblox aims to create a safer space for its users.

“Roblox is solving new challenges—moderating spoken language in real-time,” wrote Speechly co-founder and CTO Hannes Heikinheimo. “Safety and civility are foundational to Roblox. We’re excited to bring our AI expertise to this platform,” he added.

Speechly, backed by prestigious investors and a €2 million seed round, was an attractive acquisition target, partly due to its SOC 2 Type II certification, ensuring secure data handling.

According to, Speechly's technology is more advanced than competitors like Modulate’s ToxMode and Spectrum Labs, placing Roblox at an advantageous position in real-time voice moderation.

While the terms of the deal have not been disclosed, this acquisition signals Roblox’s earnest commitment to advancing its voice technology while maintaining a safe and civil platform for its user base, which averages 65.5 million daily active users.

Roblox's acquisition of Speechly indicates a significant step in enhancing the platform's voice chat capabilities and user safety. As Roblox continues to expand its features, the deal sets a precedent for what real-time communication could look like on user-generated content platforms in the future.