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Roblox is coming to Meta Quest VR headsets

Roblox is coming to Meta Quest VR headsets, starting with an open beta. The move is aimed at making VR more social, enabling cross-platform play across Xbox, iOS, Android, and desktop.

Roblox Joining Meta Quest VR.

Meta announced that Roblox is soon to be available on its Meta Quest VR headsets, beginning with an open beta accessible on App Lab in the upcoming weeks. Roblox, already a significant player in the metaverse arena, was expected to be available on Meta Quest VR sometime this year.

The Roblox version for Quest will be compatible with Quest 2, Quest Pro, and the future Quest 3. Meta anticipates the open beta will offer a chance for the Roblox developer community to optimize their games for Quest and create new VR experiences while receiving feedback from the Quest community.

Roblox will auto-publish certain experiences compatible with VR devices and aims to make VR more social than ever. Being cross-platform, Roblox on Quest will allow users to connect, play, and interact with friends across Xbox, iOS, Android, and desktop.

The announcement aligns with Roblox CEO Dave Baszucki's previous sentiments that Quest makes "perfect sense for Roblox." While Roblox is already compatible with various VR headsets, the Quest version of Roblox should be simpler to load and access. It will be available for users aged 13 and up.

The upcoming Meta Quest 3, retailing at $499, will feature high-res color mixed reality, be 40% thinner than Quest 2, and sport the latest Snapdragon, higher resolution displays, and 2x GPU performance. It is slated to arrive this fall.