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Samsung Enlists Raheem Sterling and Fearne Cotton for Festive Galaxy S23 Ad Campaign

Experience the throwback vibes in Samsung's Galaxy S23 FE launch ad, where nostalgia meets cutting-edge features. Raheem Sterling and Fearne Cotton bring the naughties back!

Samsung Galaxy S23 'Fan Edition' Launches with a Nostalgic Twist

Samsung’s marketing prowess strikes again, this time with a celebrity-packed advertisement starring Raheem Sterling and Fearne Cotton to mark the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23 'fan edition'.

The 40-second clip, crafted by creative agency Mother, takes a delightful trip down memory lane. Reminiscent of mid-naughties music compilation CD ads, the film cleverly positions the Galaxy S23 FE's impressive features as catchy pop tracks filled with puns.

From 'smart brightness' to 'long battery life', 'super-fast processing speed', and a 'spectacular camera', the ad showcases the device's array of functionalities in a playful and engaging manner.

Annika Bizon, Samsung Electronics UK's marketing and omnichannel director, shares insights into the ad's concept. "The naughties are back. With the decade that fashion forgot back in vogue," she remarks. "We thought there was no better way to introduce the S23 FE than delving into noughties’ music history. While subtly reminding everyone how our smartphones have made everything today much more convenient."

This creative fusion of nostalgia and cutting-edge technology not only captures attention but also reflects Samsung's commitment to blending innovation with memorable marketing campaigns.