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Samsung Releases Second-Generation Freestyle Projector, Price Remains High

Samsung's Freestyle Gen 2 is here with snazzier features, but does it justify the steep price tag? Dive into our analysis to make an informed choice.

Samsung's Freestyle Gen 2

Excitement buzzes in the tech-sphere as Samsung unveils its Freestyle Gen 2 portable projector, complete with Gaming Hub and a sleeker performance! But hold on, tech aficionados. This sequel is a mixed bag of delights and disappointments, especially if you're mulling over its $799.99 price tag.

Remember the first-gen Freestyle? It promised the moon but barely took off from the ground, marred by its sluggish interface and steep cost. The Gen 2 seems to be taking a baby step forward. It’s packed with Samsung's latest TV software, offering a gateway to cloud gaming with Xbox, Nvidia, and more. "Finally," you think, "the lag's gone!"

Samsung also tossed in a show-stopping feature at CES: smart edge blending. With two projectors, you could summon a jaw-dropping 150-inch display without needing a Ph.D. in alignment! Except...

That mesmerizing edge blending feature? It's strangely absent from Samsung's official press release and product page. Our snooping reveals that it's still there, but its use is bizarrely limited to Samsung's SmartThings app. Forget about binge-watching Netflix on a massive screen; that dream just got shelved.

Reduced by $100 from its predecessor, the Freestyle Gen 2 still has us raising an eyebrow. For its price, it still comes across as more of a techy toy rather than a serious projector. Sure, there are quirky perks like pairing a Bluetooth controller for mobile gaming, but is that enough?

Samsung tries to sweeten the deal for early adopters with a free carrying case. But unless you're desperate for Gaming Hub action on the go, you might want to wait for a hefty discount.

So, is the Freestyle Gen 2 projector a true projection marvel or just another tech gadget with an identity crisis? The ball is in your court!