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Samsung Unveils AI-Enabled Smart Fridge Crafting Recipes Tailored to Dietary Needs

Explore Samsung's 2024 Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator, packed with AI marvels - from food recognition to custom recipes, a glimpse into the kitchen of the future!

Revolutionizing Kitchen Tech: Samsung's 2024 Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator Unveiled!

In preparation for the upcoming year, Samsung has unveiled its innovative 2024 Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator, set to debut at CES. This cutting-edge appliance boasts remarkable AI capabilities, including an internal camera adept at identifying various food items and a synced app that recommends recipes based on your stocked ingredients.

What sets this apart from its predecessor is the upgraded features within the internal camera and the Family Hub app. The Samsung Food app, accessible directly on the fridge through the Family Hub, syncs with your Samsung Health profile, curating recipes tailored to your dietary preferences. Notably, the "Image to Recipe" function, equipped with enhanced Vision AI, can decipher meals and ingredients from photos, generating corresponding recipes. With a Personalize feature catering to diverse dietary needs, from gluten-free to vegan choices, the customization possibilities are extensive.

However, while the Vision AI feature claims recognition of up to 33 food items, it might not identify highly unusual items. Users can manually input expiration dates via the Family Hub touchscreen, receiving timely notifications prior to items expiring.

This latest model represents a shift for Samsung, prioritizing AI advancements over previous Internet of Things integrations. Compared to its 2016 counterpart, which featured slower app loading and a mediocre touchscreen, this revamped 2024 version positions itself as the centerpiece of Samsung's AI-driven kitchen range, complementing other appliances like their AI oven.

Additionally, Samsung teases the 2024 model of their cooktop, the Anyplace Induction Cooktop, designed with a slide-in range for seamless integration between kitchen cabinets. Equipped with seven-inch LCD screens, this cooktop lets users access recipes from the Samsung Food app while cooking.

The Verge has reached out to Samsung for release dates and pricing details, promising updates once received.