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Samsung Unveils Samsung Food, a New Platform for Meal Planning and Recipe Discovery

Samsung Food, launched in 104 countries, is revolutionizing meal planning with 160,000 recipes, smart appliance integration, and AI personalization.

Samsung Food

Samsung Food, Samsung's recently launched meal planning platform, has got the tech world buzzing—and for a good reason.

Samsung Food hosts a rich catalog of over 160,000 recipes available in eight languages. Built on the robust database from Whisk, which Samsung acquired in 2019, the platform allows users to discover recipes, create shopping lists, and even meal plans.

Available on Samsung’s Bespoke range of smart refrigerators, the platform is soon expected to sync with other devices like microwaves and ovens. Samsung aims to simplify cooking by setting timers, pre-heating ovens, or even altering cooking settings through the SmartThings home system.

In a move to make the platform more user-centric, Samsung has introduced “Food AI” that can modify recipes to suit personal preferences, such as making them vegan or nutritionally balanced.

The platform is not just about cooking; it’s about comprehensive wellness. Samsung plans to integrate Samsung Food with its Health app by the end of this year, focusing on nutrition logging and diet management.

In 2024, Samsung intends to introduce “Vision AI,” which will recognize food items through the phone camera and list their nutritional values, bringing a new layer of smart functionality.

Although Samsung Food and Whisk share identical website designs and even app store links, the rebranding appears to be a work in progress.

With its ambitious roadmap and cutting-edge features, Samsung Food is more than just a recipe platform; it's a holistic lifestyle tool that is setting new standards in the tech-driven culinary world.

Stay tuned for what Samsung cooks up next in this exciting venture!