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Seagrass and Hashgraph Association Unite for Web3 Identity Wallet Initiative

Discover the collaborative initiative unveiling Seagrass Wallet, enhancing transparency and efficiency in carbon finance with decentralized digital identities.

Seagrass and The Hashgraph Association Unveil Web3 Identity Wallet for Carbon Markets

The alliance between Seagrass, a climate action entity under E.ON, and The Hashgraph Association recently revealed a groundbreaking venture in Abu Dhabi on December 9. This collaboration introduces the Seagrass Wallet, a cutting-edge Web3 identity wallet, ushering in a new era of transparency and efficiency within the carbon finance ecosystem.

The Seagrass Wallet emerges as an advanced digital wallet, empowering users to create, store, and present digital identities while facilitating seamless asset storage and exchange. Positioned as a proof-of-concept, this innovative wallet ensures user control over verifiable credentials, leveraging Self-Sovereign Identity architecture facilitated by the Hedera network, aligning with European standards.

Central to the Seagrass Wallet's prowess is its provision of decentralized digital identity, offering users autonomy over their credentials. This approach streamlines interactions within the market, reducing redundant due diligence and enhancing transparency in environmental, economic, and project data.

Aligned with European standards, the Hedera-powered Seagrass Wallet emphasizes compliance and robustness in its Web3 identity features, reflecting a commitment to regulatory standards and security.

The ultimate aim of the Seagrass Wallet is to revolutionize carbon markets by bridging certified projects' supply and buyers' robust climate strategies. This collaborative initiative envisions a centralized marketplace fueled by technological advancements, transparency, and integrity, driving the net-zero transition forward.

The joint effort between Seagrass and The Hashgraph Association signifies a significant stride in the Web3 identity landscape, emphasizing transparency and adherence to evolving carbon finance standards. As carbon markets gain prominence in the net-zero transition, this initiative highlights technology's pivotal role in fostering efficiency, accountability, and sustainability within climate action domains.