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YouTube Shorts Prohibits Links Due to Overwhelming Link Spam Issues

YouTube Shorts cracks down on spammy links, offering creators a safer way to engage. Are clickable links in jeopardy?

Shorts Says "No More" to Spammy Links!

Spam has found a new enemy – YouTube Shorts! With spammy links running rampant, YouTube is gearing up to play hardball. From August 31st, bid adieu to clickable links in Shorts descriptions, comments, and even those tantalizing vertical live feeds. This bold move aims to shield users from the unsavory world of malware, phishing scams, and other internet nasties.

"But wait, there's more!" – as the infomercials say. By September’s end, YouTube plans to roll out a safer, spiffier way for creators to guide their avid Shorts fans to other YouTube treasures. Oh, and those clickable social icons on the channel banners? Poof! Gone from desktops, because, well, they were occasionally leading us astray.

Here's where it gets juicy: creators, YouTube's got your back! Recognizing the power of links in amplifying content, driving traffic to other platforms, and, of course, those sweet, sweet revenue streams, YouTube's set to introduce a dedicated space on channel profiles. Here, creators can flaunt clickable links to websites, social haunts, merch stores, and more - all while playing nice with YouTube's Community Guidelines. Keep your eyes peeled around the “subscribe” button from August 23rd!

In a press note, YouTube emphasized, "Links are the lifelines for creators. We're on a mission to make link-sharing safer and more beneficial." Their anti-spam arsenal seems to be firing on all cylinders, with a commendable 35% rise in clamping down on impersonator channels in early 2023.

The platform's anti-spam saga isn't new. Bigwig creators, from Marques Brownlee to Jacksepticeye, have bemoaned the spam epidemic. YouTube took note, introducing a slew of measures last June, following pointed critiques from these influencers.

All said and done, YouTube's decision to momentarily shelve clickable links might pinch, especially for the little creators. Yet, its unwavering focus on user safety is clear. Hold onto your seats; it's going to be an exciting ride in the world of Shorts!