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Sky Media Collaborates with ITV's Planet V for Trial Run

Sky Media is set to join ITV's Planet V for a trial run, aiming to streamline advertising campaigns for on-demand content across multiple platforms.

Sky Media to Test Planet V Platform in ITV Partnership

Sky Media, the advertising sales arm of Sky, is gearing up to join ITV's Planet V, a video-on-demand advertising platform. This trial period will see Sky Media utilizing the platform for its on-demand content, giving advertisers and agencies the tools to plan and execute campaigns across its portfolio using the self-service platform.

Through Planet V, currently UK's second largest video advertising buying platform after Google, advertisers will have a single access point to plan and buy campaigns across ITV, Sky, and STV.

Kelly Williams, ITV's Commercial Managing Director, expresses delight at welcoming Sky to Planet V, emphasizing the platform's efficiency and targeting benefits, and its ability to keep businesses ahead in the fast-paced programmatic advertising sector.

Sky will also be granted a unique merchandising area for its inventory, ensuring it retains control over all aspects of its sales on Planet V. This move also simplifies the process for buyers and advertisers by enabling them to use a single platform.

Brett Aumuller, Sky Media's Managing Director, speaks highly of their collaborative nature within the TV industry and believes the partnership with Planet V will simplify the process for brands to tap into their vast selection of on-demand programming.