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AI Taps AI to Handle Phone Calls for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses uses AI to automatically handle phone calls for restaurants and retailers, enhancing customer service and streamlining operations.

Slang AI Handling Business Calls

Alex Sambvani and Gabriel Duncan, both formerly of Spotify, co-founded to tackle the problem of overwhelming incoming calls for businesses using AI. The platform they've developed answers phone calls automatically for restaurants, retailers, and other types of brick-and-mortar businesses, functioning as a digital phone concierge.

"Slang acts like a reliable team member that gives accurate responses and helps drive more revenue, giving businesses AI superpowers and empowering them to provide exceptional service to callers and streamline operations in a personalized manner," Sambvani explains.

The platform can handle tasks such as answering questions, taking or modifying reservations, and notifying businesses if a customer is running late. Businesses can set which calls Slang handles automatically and which ones it passes to staff. Sambvani claims that Slang's automatic speech recognition works for callers of all ages and understands different accents, a significant achievement considering the historical challenges automatic speech recognition tech has faced with diverse dialects. is not the only startup looking to leverage tech to minimize unnecessary phone interactions. Other players in the market include Goodcall, Kea, and ConverseNow. However, what sets Slang apart is its extensive customer base. Slang has over 200 clients, and its revenue grew six-fold in 2022. This success led to a total investment of $20 million in Slang – $8 million in seed funding and $12 million in a Series A round.

Sambvani plans to use these funds to establish new partnerships and integrations in the restaurant, hospitality, retail, and e-commerce industries. Additionally, the startup intends to expand its go-to-market team and increase its headcount from 18 to 40 by the end of the year.