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SlowMist and SINOHOPE Form Strategic Alliance to Enhance Web3 Security Infrastructure

SlowMist joins forces with SINOHOPE to bolster Web3 industry security and compliance, focusing on MPC audits, AML strategies, and VASP licensing aid.

SlowMist and SINOHOPE Forge Strategic Alliance to Fortify Web3 Security Measures

In a significant stride within the digital asset realm, SlowMist and Sinohope Technology Holdings Limited have forged a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to bolster security and compliance measures within the Web3 industry, focusing on various facets of security infrastructure and regulatory adherence.

The collaboration encompasses active cooperation in multiple realms, including MPC security audits, anti-money laundering initiatives for digital assets, establishment of a Web3 threat intelligence cooperation network, and enhancing digital asset ecological security. The joint objective is to construct a robust security framework conducive to safe and progressive development within the Hong Kong Web3 industry.

Particularly emphasizing the recent "Hong Kong VASP Application Guardian Program" by SINOHOPE, this partnership seeks to streamline IT system-level infrastructure for institutions and enterprises seeking Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) licenses. The collaborative consultation will aid in navigating application flows, security risk controls, and business frameworks for acquiring Hong Kong Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP) licenses, ensuring compliant operations in digital asset and Web3 businesses.

SlowMist, renowned for its expertise in blockchain security solutions, offers comprehensive services spanning security audits, blockchain threat intelligence (BTI), defense deployment, anti-money laundering (AML), and cryptocurrency tracking via MistTrack.

On the other hand, SINOHOPE, committed to compliance and secure digital asset services, holds the TCSP license through its subsidiary, Sinohope Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited, offering compliant digital asset custody services globally.

This alliance aims to explore integrated solutions for blockchain ecological security, contribute to industry-leading security standards, conduct collaborative research on cutting-edge security technology, and foster the growth and security development of the Web3 industry.

The partnership between SlowMist and SINOHOPE signifies a unified effort to enhance security infrastructure and compliance measures, setting the stage for future advancements in Web3 industry security standards.