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Snap Partners with Linktree to Enable Links in User Profiles

Snap is integrating with Linktree to allow links in Snapchat profiles, helping users to showcase their work and other profiles more effectively.

Snap Partners with Linktree

Snap has announced a collaboration with link-in-bio tool Linktree to facilitate Snapchat users to display their work and other profiles. Previously, the social network only permitted brands and Snap Stars—part of a special program and among the most significant creators—to include links in their profiles.

This partnership, announced initially in April, will now enable anyone with a public profile to include links to their Linktree profile. Any Snapchat user aged 18 or above can create a public profile. Users can add their Linktree URL (or any other URL) by navigating to their public profile, selecting edit, and then choosing "Website or Linktree." Linktree offers better visibility on its service for Snapchat profiles.

Moreover, the link-in-bio tool will permit creators to showcase their Snapchat profile on their Linktree page through a social icon and an "Add me on Snapchat" button (or any other customized phrase). Linktree will also be featured in Snapchat's default share sheet.

The integration brings an added benefit, as Linktree is offering a three-month Linktree Pro subscription. Premium subscriptions come with features like email and phone number collection, embedding latest tweets and YouTube videos, and NFT lock.

Snapchat, earlier this year, expanded its program to share ad revenue with eligible creators based on followers and monthly Snap views. The company also launched a Public Stories feature that enables users to share their Stories with everyone, not just their followers or friends. These initiatives are reportedly showing signs of success and attracting influencers like Adam Waheed.

Linktree continues to enhance its offerings with more payment services and social media integrations, aiming to become the top link-in-bio tool for creators. The company's recent acquisitions and feature enhancements reinforce this mission.