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Snapchat for Android may soon offer Dark Mode, but only for paid subscribers

Snapchat users on Android have long been clamoring for dark mode, a feature that has become increasingly popular in many apps over the past few years. While Snapchat has offered the feature on iOS for a while now, Android users have been left in the dark – until now, it seems.

According to reports, Snapchat is finally working on bringing dark mode to its Android app. This development comes after more than two years of speculation, with initial signs of support having been spotted way back in 2021.

The feature is said to be still in development, but a toggle in Snapchat has already been uncovered by tech enthusiasts. The toggle, labeled "App Appearance," offers three options: "Always Light," "Always Dark," and "Match System." This is a fairly common setting for most Android apps, but it's one that Snapchat has been lacking for far too long.

However, there is a downside to this news. Unlike on iOS, where dark mode is available to all users, Snapchat for Android will reportedly require a subscription to Snapchat+ to access the feature. This means that Android users who want to use dark mode on Snapchat will have to shell out $3.99/month in the US for the privilege.

While it's certainly exciting news that Snapchat is finally working on bringing dark mode to Android, the paywall for the feature may leave a sour taste in some users' mouths. Nonetheless, we can hope that the feature will be worth the price tag once it's officially released.