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Snapchat Unveils 'Dreams,' a New AI-Powered Selfie Feature

Snapchat unveils 'Dreams,' a new AI feature that turns your selfies into fantastical scenarios. Unlock your first eight 'Dreams' for free!

Snapchat's new 'Dreams' feature

Snapchat is no stranger to innovation, and its latest offering proves it. The social media giant is launching a generative AI feature called "Dreams," allowing users to transform themselves into fantasy characters such as mermaids, royals, and more.

To access the 'Dreams' feature, head over to the Memories tab in the Snapchat app. Here you’ll find a new tab specifically for ‘Dreams.’ A few selfies are all you need to create a personalized Generative AI model and dive into your ‘Dreams.’ The first pack of eight fantastical images is free, with additional packs available for $1.

Initially, the feature is being rolled out in Australia and New Zealand. However, Snapchat plans to make it accessible to users globally in the coming weeks.

Soon, 'Dreams' will allow users to include any friend who has opted into the feature, making it a shared fantastical experience.

Snapchat is entering an already bustling market with apps like Lensa and Remini gaining popularity for their AI-generated avatars and professional headshots, respectively. However, Snapchat's 'Dreams' promises a unique, more interactive experience.

The 'Dreams' feature comes on the heels of Snapchat’s other generative AI initiatives, including its AI-powered chatbot, My AI, which can now respond with Snaps, not just text.

Snapchat continues to advance its platform by diving deeper into AI-powered features. Whether or not 'Dreams' will live up to its potential remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure—Snapchat users have an exciting new playground for their imagination.