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Snapchat Offers Insights into the Potential of Promotions for Automotive Brands

Discover how Snapchat's Kantar survey reveals a thriving auto market, highlighting user intent to buy, preference for luxury brands, and the impact of AR engagement on car purchases.

Snapchat's Auto Industry Aspirations: A Lucrative Market for Car Brands

Snapchat's recent Kantar survey unveils compelling insights into the platform's auto market potential. With 54% of users considering vehicle purchases within a year and 1.5 times more engagement in car searches compared to non-users, Snapchat proves a rich ground for premium auto brands. The research indicates a strong preference for luxury vehicles and alternative fuel types, particularly EVs, PHEVs, and HEVs.

Moreover, brand content on Snapchat significantly influences buying behavior, with 63% of prospective car buyers likely to take action after exposure. Notably, engagement with AR content on Snapchat boosts physical dealership visits, with 64% more inclined to visit a dealership post-AR interaction.

These findings unveil a lucrative opportunity for auto marketers on Snapchat, emphasizing the platform's potential beyond conventional marketing realms. Pairing this with Pinterest's expanding role for auto brands suggests a growing trend in diversifying marketing strategies across various platforms.