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Snapchat Reveals What Gen Z Consumers Expect from Brands

Snapchat, in collaboration with Omnicom Media Group, conducted a survey revealing the preferences of Gen Z consumers and how brands can align their messaging with these expectations.


Snapchat, in collaboration with Omnicom Media Group, has shared crucial insights into Gen Z consumers' preferences, offering valuable pointers to brands looking to appeal to this demographic. These insights could prove critical in planning brand strategies, particularly in the upcoming holiday season.

According to Snapchat, Gen Z consumers, as digital natives, demand an updated media and communication planning strategy that's both authentic and relevant to their lives. They place high value on context and how brands represent themselves through messaging and media selection. Given that Gen Z has grown up with more sophisticated ad targeting, it's logical they would prefer more personalized messaging over broad-reaching campaigns.

The study also reveals that Gen Z consumers seek positive experiences. Content consumption in this demographic is driven by a desire to keep up-to-date, seeking content that aligns with their values and boosts their spirits.

Snapchat's research further shows that younger consumers prefer shopping with brands that resonate with their own values and motivations. Around 75% of respondents indicated they are more likely to remain loyal to companies that openly address social issues, share relevant information, or run ads promoting social change.

These findings are in line with several surveys revealing that Gen Z consumers pay close attention to business conduct, with social media transparency offering additional insights. Furthermore, brand purpose, i.e., a company's raison d'être beyond profit-making, is also a significant consideration for many shoppers.

The challenge for brands lies in navigating these not-so-comfortable elements, as data shows that younger consumers want to support businesses aligning with their passions, beliefs, and those making strides towards creating a better world.