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Snapchat Rolls Out 'Close Friend Story' Feature for International Friendship Day

Snapchat is launching a special 'Close Friend Story' feature in celebration of International Friendship Day. The feature will highlight users' closest interactions within the app.

Snapchat's New Feature Celebrates International Friendship Day

In celebration of International Friendship Day on July 30th, Snapchat is introducing a special friends Story feature to emphasize your most significant interactions within the app. As stated by Snap:

"In honor of International Friendship Day, we are delighted to offer personalized throwbacks for friends to enjoy. Eligible Snapchatters will discover a unique Story made just for them and their besties, accessible with just a swipe up from the camera. Additionally, they can gain insight from the internet's best friend and Snapchat Snap Star, Tinx, right where they discover Stories from their friends and favorite creators.”

Tinx will provide advice on how to improve friendships and support close relationships through direct engagement and interaction.

Snapchat has emerged as a vital tool for connecting friends, with the app experiencing continued growth due to its emphasis on maintaining close relationships. Indeed, Snap has now reached 397 million daily users and has bounced back from Meta's attempt to dethrone it by replicating Stories in Instagram. Despite initial fears of Snap's growth halting, the app's continued focus on fostering friendships has helped it reestablish its niche.

“Snapchatters generate more than 5 billion Snaps each day on average, enabling them to express themselves, live in the moment, and share their unique viewpoints. Our community also enjoys catching up by calling their friends and reminiscing about their favorite memories together. On average, Snapchatters chat for more than 900 million minutes each day and share their treasured Memories with friends 280 million times daily!”

This use case is what defines Snap and underscores its significance as a connective tool in the broader social media landscape. The Friendship Day Story feature will highlight this, reinforcing the vital role the app plays in the lives of its users.