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Snapchat Teams Up with MTV to Enable VMA Voting via Augmented Reality Lenses

In a landmark move, Snapchat partners with MTV, enabling users to vote for VMAs through interactive Lenses. Will this change how we interact with award shows?

Snapchat & MTV

Get ready to snap, vote, and groove! In a groundbreaking collaboration, Snapchat and MTV are bringing you a voting experience like never before for this year’s Video Music Awards (VMAs). Gone are the days of boring online polls; now you can vote for your favorite "Best New Artist" with just a flick of your fingers—thanks to augmented reality (AR) Lenses developed by Saucealitos.

This ingenious Lens will go live at 11 AM ET on September 12, a prelude to the VMA’s prime-time kickoff at 8 PM ET. Once the Best New Artist finalists are announced, you can put on your virtual thinking caps, snap your fingers in the shape of a "1," "2," or "3," and voilà—your vote gets counted! The real kicker? An AR Moonperson will make appearances throughout the VMA livestream with fan-submitted selfies. How cool is that?

While MTV reported a whopping 40.1 million interactions across other social platforms last year, Snapchat was notably missing. But not anymore! MTV believes that Snapchat's target audience of 13- to 24-year-olds is a perfect match for the VMAs. In fact, this partnership marks the first time Snapchat's Camera Kit is being used for an award show, making this collaboration a history-making venture!

Snapchat's commitment to AR experiences has been game-changing, to say the least. From Drake making fans cry (virtually, of course) to the LA Rams using Snap Lenses to reveal new uniforms—Snapchat has been a trailblazer. It even signed deals with Live Nation for AR-enabled concert experiences, further cementing its position as an AR pioneer.

Snapchat is broadening its AR landscape, and this partnership could be a watershed moment for interactive TV experiences. Could Snapchat's move change the way we engage with our favorite shows and award ceremonies?

So, ready to become part of VMA history? All you need is your Snapchat app and your voting spirit. This might be a small step for Snapchat but it’s a giant leap for interactive television. Get ready to Snap your way into the future of award shows!