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Snapchat Unlocks Dark Mode for All Android Users!

Snapchat’s coveted Dark Mode on Android is now free for all! No more Snapchat+ subscription needed.

Snapchat's Dark Mode

Here's a toast to all Android users out there! Snapchat's classy Dark Mode, which was previously an exclusive treat for Snapchat+ subscribers, is now available for everyone. TechCrunch recently shared this update after the initial spot by Android Police.

iOS users have been relishing the Dark Mode at zero cost since 2021. However, when Snapchat spread its Dark Mode magic to the Android realm earlier this year, it was only for the privileged Snapchat+ circle.

But why did Snapchat play favorites? Well, the brand has been on a roll with its subscription service, Snapchat+. Boasting a whopping 4 million subscribers in just its debut year, Snapchat+ isn't just about a darker shade. At a monthly fee of $3.99, subscribers get a buffet of features. From experimental previews to unique app icons and even the fun option of pinning their top BFF, it’s a universe of perks. And if you're wondering where you can avail of this subscription, it’s currently up for grabs in countries including the US, UK, Canada, and more.

However, for those who were eyeing just the Dark Mode, Snapchat has finally pulled down the barriers. So, Android users, dive into the dark side of Snapchat, without a subscription denting your pocket!