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Snapchat Unveils Fresh Features for 2023 Women's World Cup Engagement

Snapchat unveils innovative activations for the Women's World Cup 2023, including real-time AR experience, Bitmoji clothing, stickers, and more.

Snapchat's Interactive AR for Women's World Cup 2023

Snapchat has unveiled several innovative features for the 2023 Women’s World Cup, which include a real-time augmented reality (AR) interactive experience, Bitmoji clothing, stickers, and more.

The highlight of the new activations is Snapchat's 'Team Tracker' Lens. This feature uses 3D Bitmoji player avatars to provide real-time insights into World Cup matches. In this unique format, users can see game scores as they happen, alongside statistics and trivia about individual players.

These activations provide an exciting new way for fans to engage with the event remotely while also showcasing Snapchat's new 3D Bitmoji designs that were launched this week.

Additionally, Snapchat has incorporated selfie Lenses for every participating country, allowing users to show off their national pride. The app will also feature a jersey try-on Lens for fans to envision themselves in their team's kit. In collaboration with Togethxr, Snapchat is launching a new experience that encourages users to voice their support for women's sports.

Moreover, Snapchat has teamed up with adidas to introduce a new line of Bitmoji clothing and has added new stickers and filters for each participating country. The platform will also offer new programming and Spotlight challenges related to the event, thus ensuring users can interact with the Women’s World Cup in various ways.

The app has witnessed steadily increasing engagement with soccer content, with last year’s men’s World Cup significantly boosting user activity. In fact, Snapchat reveals that its users tried on Bitmoji World Cup football kits over 449 million times during the last event. Furthermore, approximately 75 million Snapchat users consume sports content every month.

These latest activations for the Women’s World Cup are set to further boost sports engagement on the platform, enabling more soccer enthusiasts to actively participate in the event.